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Battery for Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard


Changing the batteries in my K750 keyboard


How do I change the batteries in my K750 keyboard?


Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Model Number:

Y-R0016 (Keyboard)

C-U0007 (Receiver)


The K750 keyboard comes with a rechargeable, replaceable ML2032 button-cell battery.


IMPORTANT: Do not replace the battery with a CR2032, which is the same size but not rechargeable.


To replace the battery:


Turn the keyboard off using the ON/OFF switch.


Locate the battery tray on the back of the keyboard.


Tilting the keyboard on end facing you, insert a small flat head screwdriver beneath the edge of the battery tray and slide it upward.


Remove the old battery and insert a new one with the bare metal side facing up (as opposed to the sticker, which should NOT be removed), as shown below.


Slide the battery tray back into the keyboard.

Turn the keyboard back on and verify that it is working.

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