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Programmable ECU CDI Suzuki FXR150



Programmable CDI with adjustable curves

on the fly adjustment with switch





with MSS (Map Selector Switch) and PPA(Pulser Position Adjuster)

With this innovation, user can adjust the

ignition timing (advance/retard) as a matter of seconds. CDI is a DC type CDI

TM which powered with Motorola Microprocessor 24 Mhz (0.001 degree accuracy) for Racing purposes and daily usage (street performance).


Adjustable CDI has the ability to adapt to the following

1. Engine Specification or modification, for instance : bigger carb, bigger in/ex valve, porting, jetting or

muffler need different ignition timing than the stock ignition timing.

2. Weather condition in the race track, relative humidity, air pressure and temperature.

3. Octane Number, higher or lower octane number used also need different ignition timing.

Adjustable CDI has been designed with Motorola

Microprocessor 24 Mhz which can stored up to 16 maps (ignition curve) in one CDI unit.


1. MSS ( Map Selector Switch) :

The Ignition timing can be adjusted using this switch. There are 16 different maps (ignition curve) for

different condition or purposes. Position 0 is for the stock ignition curve, and the position 1 ~ F has

different ignition timing which can be used for different setting.

2. PPA ( Pulser Position Adjuster ) :

This switch is used for ignition timing adjustment (Advance / Retard) with maximum value is 4 degree

without any mechanical modification to the stock ignition system.

3. Pulser Indicator :

The Red LED will light on that indicate the origin (stock) of pulser position.


The Rextor Adjustable CDI is using standard connector (same with the stock CDI Unit), so it makes

the installation process is very simple and fast, just replace the stock CDI unit

Technical Specification

1. Working load (battery) : 10 ~ 23 volt

2. Current consumption : 0.35 ampere

3. Output Voltage : 270 volt

TM 4. Microprocessor : Motorola 24 Mhz

5. Ignition Accuration : 0.001 degree

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