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Suzuki RG400/ 500 gamma: Genuine new carburetor hose kit


RG400Γ RG500Γ Gamma: Genuine new carburetor hose set

 kit using genuine new parts . 

 we cut the appropriate genuine hose to the proper length and made it into a kit .

The gamma carburetor is hosed to the SIPC mechanism (to synchronize the front and rear carburetors) and the starter device.

Functional, degraded, hardened hoses will lose performance.

Note: The fuel hose is longer on the left.

★ Rubber hoses of several decades ago naturally have hardening, cracking, etc., and because of their low reliability, the character of the carburetor,

There is also a possibility of inhaling secondary air or rain water.

Early replacement to avoid the risk of engine damage! !

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